Professional real estate photographer serving Northeast and Central Ohio.

About Me

For 5 years, I was an actor in New York City, and was fortunate to play Duke Buchanon on ABC's One Life to Live for two of those years (if you ever want to hear a good soap opera death story, mine is hard to beat!). In a television studio, what the camera sees is everything. If we were shooting a scene in a living room, it didn't matter that there was no ceiling, that the books on the shelves were a random assortment of never-reads, or that our scripts were hidden in every drawer and seat cushion for easy access just in case. What the camera didn't see, didn't exist. Which means, what it does see is incredibly important. The spacing of furniture, the location of lighting, the art and decoration...all these things tell a story and define the space.

As an architectural, interior design, and real estate photographer, it's my job to tell the story of your property, image by image. And it's not enough to tell the story as it is, but as it could be to a potential buyer. That's why I take my time and pay attention to the details. If a bookshelf is too cluttered and distracting, I fix it. If furniture isn't optimally placed, I move it. If a table centerpiece just isn't doing it for me, I'll scour your home and create something that works.

89% of homebuyers begin their search online. The single greatest factor that determines a homebuyer's initial interest in a property is the photographs. The effect of my work is simple. My photography will increase buyer interest. And I'm no economist, but I do know that if more people are interested in a scarce product, its price will rise. Your property is no different because there's only one in existance. And the data proves it. Professional real estate photography has been proven to add between $934 and $116,076 to the closing price of homes listed at $300K or more. You can read it for yourself in the Wall Street Journal here.

If you're an agent or broker, using my services will net you higher closing prices and attract more listings. Remember, sellers pay attention to how you market. If you're a seller and aren't using the best images available, you're leaving money on the table. Click on the "Contact" tab above, and let's get your property sold.


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